Held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance

Entirely new to the Jewellery and Watch Show, JWS 2018 invites its guests to immerse themselves in the culture of Brazil and India by exploring the innate beauty and sophistication of not just their intricate jewellery, but also their respective artistic works, luxurious fabrics and fashion items. These dedicated country experiences on the show floor aim to bring together the most interesting items which define Brazilian and Indian fashion today.

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Become enchanted by the union of vibrancy, refinement and flair for novelty inherent in this captivating collection of Brazil’s most exclusive fashion and lifestyle offerings. From the coveted splendour of Martha Mederios wedding dresses, to the undeniable chic of Lygia Mattos embroidered fabrics, this is the true luxury of Brazil assembled in one place.

A taste of what you will discover in the Brazilian Experience

The expectation will be of enchantment when faced with so many wonderful and exclusive pieces with all the refinement of Brazil. You will witness the famous Brazilian fashion world at Deluxe stand.

In 2015, the brand opened in São Paulo an exclusive atelier for the production of the prêt-à-porter fashion and the famous and coveted wedding dresses. Martha Medeiros counts on Home line, with products of decoration for home and for parties - especially wedding. According to the stylist, the most refined national craftsmanship, made by artisans holds a precious ancestral knowledge. "This is the true luxury of Brazil.

Visitors will see a new kind of interior design piece. It’s a feeling of energy refreshment, to feel the glow from the light coming from the inside of crystals. A mix of ancient rocks with a human touch.

For JWS we will display selected items of our handmade embroidered bedding sets, tablecloths, placemats, hand towels, cocktails napkins, using fine raw fabrics such as percale, linen and organza. Some collections will be on sale during JWS and will be taking special orders as well.

Visa Turismo is a company specialised in domestic and foreign luxury tourism, with over 38 years of experience in the market. Will take on an exciting journey to explore Brazil top destinations.


At Aviarte we believe in details. This is the guideline of creations for all  our product lines. We are very proud to be the leading embroidering business in Brazil. Our creations includes Cloth Napkin, Napkin Holder, Gift collection, Flower cups for sweets and Customized products.

Sink into the artistry of India, which seamlessly blends the country’s rich heritage with the dynamism of its present, in a perfect fusion of ancient and modern. The most relevant contemporary Indian brands such as Tarun Tahiliani, Yavi, Lubhyati and Masala gather together the deep cultural and aesthetic wealth of India to display proudly for all. Wander through centuries of India’s ever-evolving style that permeates every facet of it’s past, present and future.

A taste of what you will discover in the India Experience

Tarun Tahiliani is a brand that straddles the present while rooted in India’s heritage of draped form and tradition of artistry. These quintessential techniques of craftsmanship, imbibed with love across generations, are made globally astute through the cut, construct and finish of Tarun Tahiliani silhouettes. Each creation exemplifying the guiding philosophy – “all that we were and more.”


Lubhyati, a sanskrit word that means "a desire to possess." Lubhyati has been inspired by the rich heritage of the past to create objects d’art that speaks to humanity’s desire to connect with history. Unique objects carved with the finest diamonds and precious stones, such as diamond-crafted bowls and gemstones dagger handles, bringing to life the history of a noble past.

Yavi is a contemporary women’s wear label founded out of a deep love for textiles and art. It is where art meets fashion to create a new aesthetic in worn Impressionism whilst being rooted in innovative uses of indigenous traditional textiles. Yavi started its journey by exhibiting in international fashion trade fairs in Paris, London and Milan and boasts of a discerning clientele of niche boutiques and museums such as The Victoria and Albert Museum, London and MOMA, S.F; art galleries and concept stores in Verona, Bruges, London, Paris. Yavi is a brand worn by the likes of Susy Menkes- British Fashion critic

In The ever changing world of life style products especially soft goods such as homewares have a high value in the minds of upwardly mobile discerning cutomer. The idea is to use Indian “Vintage” prints and to recolor them like ‘POP ART”.

Subtle blends of contemporary visuals with “MASALA” sauce will be added each season to the original collection. Never obsolete, a multitude of new images and full of other curiosities that will complete this “New page of our love for India”.


Made with the legendary oils to fight dull, pigmented, and aging skin along with a blend of just the right essential oil , we let you indulge in the organic gifts of Mother Nature and feel naturally pretty by nourishing the skin you are in. These unique blends of oils have a cooling and cleansing effect on skin. An indulgence with this oasis of organics has managed to occupy space in the ‘favourites’ category of every Indian today certifying it as the absolute treatment that your skin deserves.

We are here to change the notion about oils and present to you the magic it can create by offering a totally customized product made especially for you based on your skin type and requirements. 

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