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What You Need to Know About Men's Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, we always think about what women would like. Jewellery is usually associated with women’s sparkling collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and the like. But what about the gentlemen? 

Today, more men have been experimenting with wearing jewellery. An increasing number of men have been steering away from the stereotype that jewellery pieces are just for women. In addition, a lot of men now wear jewellery to complement their overall outfit.

If you don't know what type of men's jewellery to wear or are planning to give a jewellery piece to a special guy in your life but are confused about what to get, we have you covered. Read on to find out more about our recommended jewellery for men.

Cufflinks for smart shirts

Cufflinks are a popular menswear accessory. The small decorative piece connects the cuffs of a long-sleeved polo or shirt, which are the extra fold of fabric at the wrist. Cufflinks are made from different materials. Stainless steel features a clean, almost industrial look, while the titanium ones convey a more modern appeal. 

Black-tie ensembles match gold and silver cufflinks. For white tie, it’s best to go for platinum or white gold cufflinks. Diamond cufflinks are recommended for evening events. You can either match the cufflink with a piece of your clothing or overall look or contrast it to add some flair. It’s all up to you!

Watches for men

There are two types of watches: analogue and digital. Both can be worn either casually or at a formal event. It all depends on whether you want to go for a traditional watch or choose something high-tech. If you plan to give someone a watch, consider his style or personality. This will help you determine which type of watch to get.

When choosing a watch, don’t go for flashy ones. A classy men’s watch will be about 37 to 42 millimetres in diameter and less than 15 millimetres thick. Watches are also made of various materials, the most common of which are stainless steel and leather. When wearing a watch, make sure that it matches your clothing and the environment you’re in.

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Men have worn necklaces ever since, and the trend is here to stay. For men, necklaces are slightly rugged or rough around the edges. They look natural. Men's necklaces come in bigger, shinier stuff as well as some light and fragile designs. All in all, necklaces are an easy way for men to elevate their style.

Chain necklaces are classic male jewellery worn to dress up a T-shirt or a suit. Pendant-style necklaces or military-style dog tags are also common among men, usually worn outside of a casual shirt or underneath a shirt with a turn-down collar. If you want to go for something lighter, you may opt for a leather or beaded necklace.


An easy-to-wear accessory for men is a bracelet. It can add an extra ounce of oomph to a man’s attire or tell everyone about his personality. Leather cuffs are a classic punk style of bracelet that goes great with black jeans and a T-shirt. I.D. bracelets, which have a thin metal chain with a rectangular plate at the center, also suit simple outfits.

To know if the bracelet is a good fit, you should be able to slide 1 or 2 fingers under the bracelet and your wrist. Wood, stone wear, leather, and other types of natural materials are great, but don’t mix them with metal elements. The simpler, the better.

Belt Buckles

Another staple accessory for men is a belt buckle. Its main purpose is to hold the pants up, but, in general, it also makes the wearer look better. It is usually made of metal and attached to a leather belt strap. It can be part of a man’s work attire or casual wear, or it can be part of his fashion statement.

If your casual look is formal, you may want to go for a modern belt buckle made from metal, wood, or plastic materials. A traditional belt buckle with gold, silver, or bronze tones would suit clothing in neutral colours. Also, select a narrower belt if you have a small waist and a wider one if you have a larger waist.

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