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Pick the Perfect Jewellery: 4 Simple Steps

Jewellery choices have become more sophisticated over the years.

Many factors will determine the most suitable and favourite choices for jewellery. Whether it be colour, style, occasions, price, designers and influencers just to name a few.  

The best designs and styles for connoisseurs like you will differ for the occasion. If you find yourself at a standstill, do not worry, our comprehensive style guide to help you decide what to look for when choosing different types of jewellery. 

How to Choose Jewellery Styles and Designs

There are multiple strategies to employ when you go to a designer’s store or visiting an event like Jewellery & Watch Show. You can sort by designers, influencers, collection value, price value, or colour. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

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1. By Designer Name

Designers often have their creative essence embedded into each piece of jewellery. This is why some enthusiasts prefer to follow a designer’s journey.  

Hand woven designer jewellery has captured a lot of attention among jewellery lovers. It’s not uncommon for people to associate eye capturing jewellery designs with designer names. There is no better way to have carefully chosen your jewellery by mentioning a designer's name.  

Don’t know where to start looking for designer jewellery pieces? Start by checking some jewellery designer names and their reputation. Find out how long they have been practising their trade and what people say about them.  

You may also want to check what their specialties are. For instance, if you are looking for an engagement ring, you may prefer a jewellery designer whose focus is stone settings.  

Don't forget to check their past work on their website or studio to get a closer look if their jewellery creation matches your style or not. 

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2. By Skin Colour and Clothing

When it comes to colour, the skin tone is your canvas. 

There is no better way to pick jewellery colour than by basing it off your skin tone. As a rule of thumb among connoisseurs, people will analyse if you have warm or cool skin undertone. Refer to the table below for reference. 

Warm Skin Undertone

  • You have greenish veins appearing on your superficial skin

  • You easily tan

  • You rarely experience skin burns 

  • Mostly on brown, green and hazel-eyed people 

  • Mostly red or black-haired people 

Cool Skin Undertone

  • You have blueish veins appearing on your superficial skin

  • You don’t tan easily

  • You experience skin burns frequently

  • Mostly on black or brown-haired people 

  • Mostly blue or green-eyed people

After finding your right skin tone description, you can finally pick the perfect jewellery colours for you. 

Gold often works best on warmer skin undertones, while silver works on cooler skin undertones. So, if you’re unsure about your skin undertone, check if it’s gold or silver that best complements your complexion. 

In addition, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and pink colours complement warmer skin undertones. Blue, purple, or green works best for cooler ones.

Skin undertones are just the beginning. Jewellery should also match the clothing style and colours you are wearing.  

For everyday wear, thinner accessories and simpler necklaces work great for a laid-back look. To accentuate areas you want noticed, you can opt to wear thicker accessories and chains. 

Diamonds work great for professionals. Visit an office and diamonds are often worn by strong men and women. 

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Colours should also match. Pick colours that would match so that the jewellery not only stands out, but also compliments your clothing. 

Pearls often work with aqua and blue hues as they resonate with the beauty of the sea. Pearl work best in earrings.  

Blue and green work best for golden hues and silvery accessories. You can never go wrong with bangles and necklaces for simple outfits like shirts and jeans.

Pearls often work with aqua and blue hues as they resonate with the beauty of the sea. Pearl work best in earrings.  

Blue and green work best for golden hues and silvery accessories. You can never go wrong with bangles and necklaces for simple outfits like shirts and jeans.

3. By Price

There is no shame in judging jewellery by its price. Items like engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. have always been valued based on their price. 

So, if you want to go higher, go ahead! But make sure you are indeed paying your money’s worth. 

Here are some tips worth considering:

  • Look for Hallmarks

Hallmarks are the determining factor in identifying the type of material used in the jewellery, where it is made, who is its designer and/or manufacturer, and above all, how much it is worth. 

On earrings, you can see the hallmarks at the post. You can check the clasp of a necklace and look inside the piece of a bracelet or an engagement ring to see the hallmark.

  • Check for Prongs

When shopping for jewellery, look at the prongs. Through prongs, you can get an idea of the jewellery’s sense of construction. The stones in fine jewellery are set either through prongs or bezels. 

Note that some types of jewellery just glue in their stones, and these are not really that valuable.

  • Determine the Weight

The jewellery’s worth can also be figured out by its weight. Heavier metals, like gold and silver, are usually used in knock-off jewellery pieces. On engagement rings, the average karat size varies on location and demographics. The national average for an engagement ring in the United States is around one karat, in the U.K., 0.6 karats, and in Europe, 0.5 karats.


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4. By Occasion

When you’re dressing for the occasion, the jewellery should match! 

Jewellery pieces should be different from what you wear in a church versus what to wear at a club. Always consider the location and activity when choosing what type of jewellery to wear.

Diamonds are always an excellent choice when you want to stand out—perfect for date nights. 

For women, wedding events are significant (of course)! Wedding jewellery is often tailored for these types of events. From engagement rings to earrings and necklaces, every piece needs to match the bride’s wishes.

And we’re not only talking about special occasions. If you want to wear jewellery at work, make sure to steer away from bangles and hanging bracelets as they will just be a distraction, especially when typing on a keyboard. 

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Jewellery for Every Moment

When it comes down to it, the perfect jewellery for you will still be your choice. These are just guidelines and tips on where to begin.  

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