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6 tips to find a perfect watch for men

Men love watches. There’s no denying that it’s like how women love their jewellery. Whether it’s a classic timepiece or a techy gadget, men love wearing watches because of their functionality. Watches also complement the style of men. 

They add a statement to an outfit, especially since men have limited options for accessories. And with the advancement of technology, men enjoy the features that come with each timepiece.

Planning to buy a watch for the first time or for your collection? We have you covered!

Factors to consider when buying watches


The movement inside a watch is known as the calibre, which is a mechanism that makes the watch hands rotate. Movements fall into three categories:

Quartz – this type of movement uses electricity from a small battery to cause the crystal to vibrate and turn that vibration into a pulse, which moves the second hand on the watch.

Mechanical – this type of movement is powered by a mainspring or coiled wire of metal that slowly and evenly unwinds to move the second hand on the watch in a sweeping motion.

Automatic – this type of movement also uses a mainspring and intricate gears but does not require users to hand-wind the watch to keep it ticking.

Movements are considered the “heart” of the watch. Aficionados like mechanical movement watches as they express traditional pedigree. Automatic watches are for those looking for nice, smooth hand movements. Quartz watches are usually the most affordable and require little maintenance.

Watch Cases

Watches are made from different materials. You will usually see gold, white gold, and rose gold in luxury watches. Other types of watches also use precious metals like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel.

Go for gold if you’re looking for something traditional. 

Silver-plated stainless steel watches are also a good choice, as the material is durable. One of the least expensive metals is stainless steel. It is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. 

Another lightweight option is titanium watches, but their price can be quite high. While ceramic is non-metal, this material for watches is also preferred as it is hypoallergenic and can handle years of wear and tear.

Watch Glass

The cover that protects the watch dial or face is also something that you should consider when buying watches. It comes in different materials and has unique properties and price tags.

One of the most common materials used for watch faces is mineral glass. It is scratch-resistant but difficult to polish and can break under impact. Acrylic is used for its affordability but can be highly susceptible to scratches. You can expect to see sapphire crystal in most quality timepieces. It is extremely difficult to scratch and offers a clear view of the dial. Its downside is that it can shatter under very heavy impact.

Also, you need to decide if you'll go with a single or double-domed sapphire as a watch glass. A single domed crystal is flat on the bottom and domed on the top. Meanwhile, a double-domed crystal is round on the outside and round on the inside.

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Watch Bands and Straps

Straps are an important part of watches and also suit the overall style of the person who wears them. Leather is a popular watch strap material because of its versatility. It can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. If you’re looking for a watch that you can wear on a special occasion, metal watch bands made from real gold, titanium, or aluminium are great choices. If you’re going for a casual look, rubber, silicone, or plastic straps will do. Nato straps, which became popular during the last decade, come in various colours and can add a distinct look to any watch.

Watch Complications

Technological advancements are evident everywhere, and this led to creators adding features to watches other than showing time.

Some watches have date display complications, showing date windows, date wheels, or dates in large digits. Others also show the day of the week, month, calendar, and even an equation of real-time vs. solar time. Chronograph complications are built into the movement of the watch. 

The most common is a one- or two-button chronograph that features a start, stop, and reset button. The most advanced have a tachymeter, which calculates speed based on travel time or distance based on speed.

Other watches have complications that highlight different time zones to make travel easier. There are also watches that come with features such as moon phases, a power reserve indicator, an alarm, a tourbillon, and a minute repeater.


When it comes to choosing watches, size does matter. You don’t want your watch to be too loose, as it may end up slipping off your wrist. You also don’t want it to be too tight, as it is painful.

Most watches are prong-and-notch, allowing users to easily adjust them to how loose or tight they want to wear them. A men’s watch strap should correspond with the distance between the inside of the lugs or holes on the watch head.

When it comes to case sizes, an oversized dial can be awkward, while a small case can make reading time difficult. A watch case measuring 34 mm to 50 mm (1 5/16" to 2") in diameter fits perfectly fine.

When choosing a watch, don’t forget to consider the size of your arm and what you want to wear with the watch.

Pick the right type of watch today

Every man is different, and so is your choice of watch. Buying a watch all boils down to your individual needs and preferences. Whether the main purpose is to only keep track of time or to enjoy other benefits, for everyday casual looks or formal events, there is something in the market that can meet your demands.

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