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UAE Culture and Its High Regard to Gold

The UAE is set to become the most integrated global marketplace, according to speakers at the Global Gold Convention 2022

As part of its efforts to diversify its economy away from reliance on oil, the UAE offers full assistance to investors and traders in the worldwide gold market. The UAE now accounts for more than 25% of the global gold trade, and it is one of the largest gold trading hubs in the world. 

Needless to say, gold has always been significant to the UAE. Its relevance in the Emirates affects social, cultural, and economic areas. But why is this precious metal an integral part of the Emiratis’ hearts and homes? Let’s find out.

The Importance of Gold to the UAE Culture

Religious Connotations

Gold is an important part of religious ceremonies in the UAE. It is a precious asset found in different types of major religious gatherings, from Hinduism to Islam. In the Muslim tradition, women are given gold as gifts for special occasions, especially during their weddings. 

Also, there are biblical references pointing to the importance of gold in Middle Eastern society. During the early days, gold was considered the largest monetary standard. One talent of gold today would be worth almost over $400,000.

Gold has also become a prominent choice of metal for use in ornamentation. That is why, since then, it has been used to decorate temples, shrines, statues, and tombs.

Given as a Gift

Giving gold as a gift is considered the highest form of gifting in Emirati culture. In the UAE, if you give someone gold as a gift, it shows how much you truly value the person and the purity of your intent. It is common to give gold as a gift during weddings, birthdays, and childbirth ceremonies in the Emirates.  

According to news reports, more millennials in the UAE are buying gold during wedding season and festivals like Valentine’s Day.

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Family Patrimony

One crucial part of each Emirati household is gold. It is a part of family patrimony in the UAE. Gold is passed from generation to generation to keep the family’s legacy alive. 

Aside from passing gold from a mother to a bride at her wedding, the precious metal is also a part of certain family traditions. This practice enables people to save money while avoiding the increasing gold rates in the UAE.


Gold is a low-risk, safe-haven investment. Gold investment in the UAE is popular for many reasons. For one, all gold merchandise is regularly monitored for purity and other quality standards, as per strict UAE regulations. 

Purchasing gold in the UAE is also cheaper than elsewhere in the world with gold prices in the UAE not set in stone, which allows everyone to get good deals.

Status Symbol

People in the UAE consider gold a symbol of one's status and wealth. Since the country has a strong cultural affinity for gold, it becomes associated with an individual’s level of prosperity. Emiratis flaunt their love for the yellow metal with confidence. The more gold one has, the clearer it indicates their capacity to buy gold despite its continued rise in price.

Gold Will Always be a Part of UAE Heritage

Gold holds historical, cultural, economic, spiritual, and social significance in the Emirati culture. Despite its increasing rate, the Emiratis still value this precious metal, which is considered an honoured tradition in the country. So, if you happen to visit the UAE, don’t be surprised by the overflowing shops and markets offering different types of gold pieces and ornaments!

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