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The Secret Behind Designer Jewellery Pieces Being a Good Steal

A piece of designer jewellery adds a special touch to our outfits, whether it be a pair of long hanging earrings, a traditional necklace pendant, or a simple chain bracelet. 

Jewellery complements our overall style, making us look more elegant at whatever event we will be attending or even on our quick trips to the mall. But, what is it with designer jewellery brands that make them a good addition to our collection?

What Is Designer Jewellery?

When shopping at department stores, you’ll most likely see mass-produced jewellery. These are made using commercial equipment. Manufacturers polish commercial jewellery with a heavy-duty polisher which produces a higher sheen. 

Because it is produced with the help of machines, its style can easily be replicated into multiple pieces that can be made available in the market if the brand owner desires.

Meanwhile, designer jewellery is exclusively crafted by hand by artisan jewelers. They use unusual materials to produce this type of jewellery with a specific look, integrating the designer’s skills or intention. 

And although artisan jewelers can create many pieces, each ornament will still look a bit different because it's made individually and by hand. This gives individuals a chance to own a one-of-a-kind designer necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings.

Note that some jewellery designers or jewellery design companies hire a group of artisans to mass produce prototypes of a particular design. There are instances wherein some celebrities launch a collection of designer jewellery where they are involved in determining the aesthetic and selecting their preferred materials. In this example, we can see that there are certain designer jewellery brands produced using similar methods as commercial jewellery.

Types of Designer Jewellery

Exclusive Designer Brands-Non-Production

In this type of designer jewellery, the designer is only involved in the design creation and intention. Brands hire in-house goldsmiths or outside contractors to manufacture the jewellery. This allows consumers to own a piece of designer jewellery at a lower price.

Exclusive Designer Brand-Production Involved

For consumers who desire to feel connected to the designer, this is the ornament for you. This designer jewellery is not only designed but also crafted by the artisan themselves. 

These designer jewellery brands will deliver the highest degree of artistic expression as they resonate with the exact specifications and intentions that the designer wants to express. Depending on the situation, the designer can be the sole manufacturer of the jewellery or can only be involved in a few steps of the craftsmanship process.

Why You Should Include Designer Jewellery in Your Collection

People collect jewellery for various reasons. It could be to boost outfits or to commemorate a memory. For jewellery enthusiasts, it may be a brooch, ring, or armlet, these special gems are already a part of their lives. If you are one of those who collect jewellery pieces, you will want to invest in designer jewellery and here’s why:

Exclusive Style

As mentioned earlier, designer jewellery brands depict the craftsman’s distinct composition. Their originality is what makes them stand out from other types of jewellery pieces. Designers always have new ideas. Curating different collections ensures that you get to own something that will match your unique personality.

Pride of Ownership

Having designer jewellery brands in your collection is something to be proud of because they are carefully thought of and crafted by artists. This means you get a gem that is not sold for mass production requirements but for the craftsman’s purpose of sharing their message through aesthetic elements.

Quality Craftsmanship

Designer jewellery pieces are made by highly skilled artisans. Designer jewellery brands make limited pieces meticulously and the results are majestic. 

For instance, Cartier made a legendary panther-shaped brooch that especially caught the attention of the Princess of Windsor in 1948. Since then, Cartier has been producing different versions of the panther patterns incorporated into a watch, ladies’ cocktail rings and earrings, and even a cigarette case. The public look forward to this collection every year because of the value it brings. Similar to other types of designer jewellery, we can rest assured that it is produced with the highest standards.

High Worth

For designer jewellery, artisans use remarkable materials and handcrafted elements. They also follow high-level manufacturing processes meant to make designer jewellery pieces resistant to deterioration and last longer. The designers have the freedom to choose which metals and stones to employ on the jewellery, making them a bit more costly than commercial jewellery but it is worth it! This makes designer jewellery brands a good choice if you plan to get an ornamental piece to pass down to relations or simply want to buy it as an investment.

Resale Value

With their quality and peculiarity, they are worth the purchase. However, should there be a time that you decide to sell a few of your gems, you’d still be able to get a high value with your designer jewellery brands. 

There are a few factors that add to their resale value:

  • Material: Designer jewellery with certain gemstones may cost more than those with less. Precious metals also contribute to the price difference. For instance, 18K gold jewelry is more upscale than 14K gold jewelry. You can ask expert jewellers to help you out with putting the right prices in your collectibles.

  • Brand: You will be able to attract potential customers to buy from your collection depending on the brand of your designer jewellery. Some designer jewellery brands come with a premium. If you were able to set aside the original jewellery box and papers, then these should add to its value. 

  • Provenance: It’s worth mentioning the jewellery’s chronology of ownership or its history. The designer jewellery will capture the attention of buyers if what you acquired is previously owned by a celebrity or historical figure. 

  • Stylistic Period: Vintage jewellery never goes out of style. Case in point, the sleek, bold, and geometric lines of the Deco style jewellery can be seen on today’s cocktail and engagement rings. Rich yellow golds are also a trend in both new and vintage jewelry. This just shows that selling your designer jewellery in the next years to come will not be a problem because when it comes to trends, “what goes around, comes around”.

  • Condition: This is probably the most important. People will consider buying your designer jewellery if it has retained its condition through the years of your ownership. If no stones are damaged nor enameling has come off, then you’ll have a sure buyer in no time.

Treat Yourself with a Piece of Designer Jewellery

Whether you want to make a statement or portray an understated confidence in a crowd, a piece of designer jewellery is the answer. 

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