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13 – 17 November 2024

A Preview of the Hottest Jewellery Styles to Complete Your 2024 Spring Look

Welcome to spring in the UAE, a time when temperatures gradually rise towards the summer peaks, which are not too hot yet. Enjoy the sunny days and refreshing breezes by exploring attractions such as the enchanting Miracle Garden, the tranquil Al Noor Island Sharjah, and the serene shores of Fujairah Beach. And while you're out enjoying the sights, ensure you're ready for every photo opportunity with flawless OOTDs.

Enhance your spring look with the perfect sets of jewellery, elevating your style to new heights. Here's your essential spring jewellery style guide for 2024:

Colours That Will Dominate the World of Jewellery

JCK‘s projections for 2024 foresee a surge in the appeal of blue and purple hues, such as sapphire and spinel. The calming essence of blue is anticipated to captivate more individuals, drawing them towards jewellery adorned with this tranquil tone. Furthermore, a growing fascination with vibrant gemstones like blue topaz, sapphire, and emerald is expected.

The enduring allure of yellow gold is forecasted to maintain its robust presence across the spectrum of fine jewellery. Moreover, the emergence of monochromatic and understated colours, such as khaki, taupe, and white, accentuated by the warmth of yellow gold, is set to make a notable impact. 

Earth-inspired and neutral colours are poised to soar in popularity, as they complement various skin tones and appeal to a more gender-neutral audience. The dominance of metallic accents in jewellery trends is also undeniable, with a resurgence anticipated in white metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold.

Additionally, the soft, romantic tones of rose and peach are expected to continue this 2024, adding a delicate yet captivating touch to jewellery designs.

Jewellery Styles That Will Reign Supreme

In 2024, the jewellery landscape is set to be revitalised by the shimmering allure of moonstone and bright materials, infusing jewellery pieces with vibrant energy. Additionally, spinel and shades of emerald are poised to make a notable entrance onto the scene. The captivating tones of mandarin and tsavorite garnets are also forecasted to garner significant interest this year. 

Anticipate a widespread adoption of precious stone dials across diverse price points, reflecting a trend towards elevated craftsmanship and luxury across the market. The revival of classic bridal, marquise-shaped diamonds, and tennis necklaces and bracelets speaks to a return to enduring elegance in jewellery fashion. 

Nostalgia takes centre stage as '90s styles make a comeback, with bold statements such as chunky gold chains, chokers with giant pendants, and big embellished hoops drawing attention. The opulent glamour of the '70s and '80s is experiencing a resurgence, infusing contemporary designs with a sense of retro allure. Moreover, drop statement earrings will be back, exuding boldness and sophistication on a larger scale than ever before. 

Finally, the expanding adoption of men's and unisex jewellery signifies a broader inclusivity within the industry, with a diverse array of styles available to cater to a more distinct audience.

Irresistible Designs and Motifs to Look Out For

The jewellery industry will see more brushed gold pieces paired with brilliance of diamonds this 2024. Toi et moi styles will continue to prevail, especially for engagement rings. Animals and celestial motifs also aren’t going anywhere. 

With the hopes of seeking protection and good energy, people will resort to horseshoe jewellery as luck charms. The horseshoe is believed to have the ability to catch, hold good luck, and reignite an even greater love affair. Collar and tennis necklaces will also be a staple. 

People are looking for jewellery that is amusing. More individuals just want to have fun and be bolder with their jewellery. That is why antique-cut diamonds and gemstones, as well as the use of alternative materials, will be evident this year. Bold motifs will be making waves, with people going to the extremes, either a maximalist approach or minimalist aesthetic.

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