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13 – 17 November 2024

The Perfect Piece: A Guide to Choosing Bridal Jewellery

On a special day, such as a wedding, the bride is always meant to sparkle. And although the dress is often the pièce de résistance, one can also argue for the importance of having the right jewellery. In this article, discover some of the ways you can incorporate bridal jewellery to complete your wedding look, according to the country known for its luxurious accessories—the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Forging Opulence: Background of bridal jewellery in the UAE

Bridal jewellery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is nothing but brilliant, both literally and figuratively. Aside from using gleaming gems and impeccable gold, creations by ingenious designers are exquisite. Hence, this destination earned premier status in the world of jewellery-making.

In the UAE, weddings are highly revered events since they put a prime on culture, customs, and relationships. It is not uncommon to acquire the best and most opulent jewellery for the bride, whether newly bought or passed down from family members, to mark a momentous occasion.

Moreover, jewellery (especially those made of gold) is central to weddings because represents wealth, prosperity, and a joyful union. It often incorporates pearls, diamonds, and gemstones to elevate the already expensive gold material.

The current landscape of UAE bridal jewellery boasts pieces that capture the mix of traditional and modern. This can be seen in various aspects, such as:

  • traditional patterns and designs with contemporary materials
  • Emirati gold accessories with a sleeker look
  • classic bridal pieces with more colorful gems for a statement
  • and even personalised pieces for the special day

General tips for choosing bridal jewellery

Regardless of what option captures a bride’s fancy, these are three additional tips on choosing one’s jewellery for the wedding:

Three shimmering options for brides

Finding the right jewellery to perfect one’s look can put a lot of pressure to the bride. With countless options available, one may naturally ask: ‘Where do I start?’ As such, here are three options to consider when looking for bridal jewellery:

1. Sparkling Classics: Traditional Bridal Jewellery

Traditional bridal jewellery in the UAE, despite being considered old-fashioned by some, still offers outstanding elegance and shine. Such pieces commonly utilise gold as the main material and often feature intricate designs influenced by geometric shapes, nature, and calligraphy scripts.

Two of the most popular designs are Eastern design necklaces and Emirati Bridal Sets, like the Khaleeji set. Bridal accessories often come in grouped assortments and are composed of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and a tikka, or a headpiece, that sits on the bride’s forehead.

Traditionally, these pieces of jewellery are designed to be unique to a particular area and purpose—what’s famous in the region the trinket is made from and the materials it possesses—and chosen to fit the bride’s personality and character.

2. Refreshing Brilliance: Contemporary Bridal Jewellery

If traditional jewellery does not capture the glint in your eyes, then perhaps a more modern take will.

Contemporary bridal jewellery in the UAE is particularly about beauty and versatility. This means more and more brides are looking for accessories that can be used beyond the wedding day. Juxtaposed to the extravagance that traditional pieces offer, contemporary bridal adornments are more minimalist, daintier, and sleeker.

Current designs, however, still embody influences of classic pieces, with necklaces designed for layering and reminiscent of Emirati jewellery that usually feature the same tiered design. Nonetheless, modern bridal pieces are alluring with their ingenious styles made possible by resin, carbon fibre, and the latest technology and techniques for jewellery making.

3. Radiate You: Colourful and Personalized Bridal Pieces

If the goal is to be a diamond of the first water, then look no further than colourful or personalised bridal jewellery. With this option, a bride can have the best that traditional and modern adornments can offer.

Nowadays, leaving people in awe comes in pieces that make a statement or those that are truly unique to the bride’s personality and style. Personalised jewellery ranges from customized engagement and wedding rings, earrings that reflect their style, or necklaces and bracelets that particularly match or complement the dress.

Colourful pieces, on the other hand, allow brides to stand out among the crowd during the wedding day. There is a new preference for vibrant gemstones, as well as exotic-coloured ones, deviating from the usual rubies, emeralds, and classic diamonds and gold. Whatever piece or set a bride is eyeing to customise for their special day, skilled jewellers and artisans abound in the UAE who can surely craft the most exquisite of trinkets.   

Choosing the right jewellery

All things considered, it takes extensive searching and decision-making to make a bride feel special and sparkle at the wedding. Choosing the perfect accessories to make the dress and the event memorable is no easy task. With these tips and options, one can now explore the vibrant, gleaming, and opulent world of bridal jewellery with a breeze.

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