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Beyond Beauty, Jewellery Portrays
Your Story

For centuries, jewellery has always been a customary accessory for both men and women. It has always been an integral part of human culture. People wear jewellery for various reasons, from having an accessory to match a special occasion to achieving a status symbol. 

Beyond a piece’s gemstones, metals, intricate designs, and overall intrinsic value, wearing one also resonates with an individual’s personality.

Gone are the days when only those who were the most affluent wore jewellery. Today, the act of wearing jewellery is seen as a powerful form of self-expression, one that goes far beyond surface-level adornment.

Radiating Your Personality

Whether it’s a sentimental ring, a delicate charm bracelet, or a statement necklace, jewellery has a compelling aspect of self-expression. More than just a fashion accessory, it has the ability to reflect the wearer’s personality and values. For instance, some people wear jewellery with religious symbols to express their faith. Some go for jewellery that is made with sustainable materials to show their support for environmental causes.

Rosemin Madhavji, founder of RR&CO Luxury, says that jewellery is all about self-expression. She already had her ear pierced when she was a baby and has always been accustomed to wearing earrings. Now, her signature is wearing black pearl or solitaire earrings.

AlReem Saif


As for AlReem Saif, founder of Profound Beauty, her choice of jewellery speaks to her care for others. Whenever she finds a jewellery brand that speaks to her, she immediately shares it with her followers, as she knows that they are interested in seeing the latest in the world of jewellery.

Connecting to Cultural and Emotional Roots

Jewellery can hold emotional significance for individuals. A piece can convey a person’s identity or choice of style and also serve as a tangible symbol of experiences and relationships, like a wedding ring or a charm bracelet representing travel destinations.

Jewellery also symbolises different cultures around the world. The Chinese people, for instance, may often be seen wearing jade jewellery, as jade represents the balance of yin and yang. The royal families in the past centuries were also known to have a vast collection of rare pieces of jewellery, of which AlReem Saif mentioned she was fascinated.

One of the jewellery collections of the Egyptian royal family was the parure made by Van Cleef & Arpels a year before the wedding of Princess Fawzia of Egypt during the 1930s. This is one sample of how jewellery evokes emotion, as the parure symbolised the special union between Egyptian and Iranian families.

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Illustrating Self-Empowerment

People have been using clothing as a means of self-expression. As time has passed, people are now able to express themselves through the jewellery they wear. Jewellery pieces can now be engraved with inspirational or motivational quotes or even just words.

Some types of jewellery also come with emblems that represent self-empowerment. This shows that jewellery can be used not only to express thoughts but also to serve as a reminder of personal goals or affirmations. A simple piece of jewellery can act as a silent but steadfast ally in one's quest for personal growth.

As an influencer, AlReem Saif shares that one of her main messages to her followers is that they can create their own reality if they want to. Her drive in life allowed her to reach a point of financial independence, which manifested in her being able to indulge in her love for jewellery.

Rosemin also feels empowered when buying jewellery. This reminds her that she can choose and buy whatever she wants, giving her the power to spoil herself.

Connecting with Trends and Style

Our choices in jewellery evolve just like the ever-changing trends and styles in fashion. The revolution in jewellery styles and materials allows people to adapt and experiment with their self-expression. The good news is that the possibilities are endless with jewellery.

You can wear vintage jewellery pieces to give you timeless elegance, or you can opt for avant-garde creations that defy convention. Moreover, custom jewellery is gaining popularity. This bespoke approach allows a person to have a deeper connection with the jewellery piece, as it is a manifestation of their creative ideas and personal identity.

While AlReem Saif is a follower of various jewellery trends herself, she is also a believer in “less is more”. She also prefers classic pieces, as they can be worn through every generation. She recommends building a jewellery collection rooted in classic pieces and then branching out to trends.

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Beyond its material and aesthetic value, jewellery can serve as a powerful means of self-expression. Whether it's a cherished heirloom or a contemporary statement piece, jewellery can become an extension of ourselves, a reflection of our individuality, and a way to share our stories with the world.
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