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A Jewellery and Watch Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching. Have you thought of what to give your family, friends, or loved one yet? Brighten up your beloved’s holiday season by giving them a watch or a piece of jewellery. 

But, don’t just settle for the first item you see – use our five suggestions on how to pick the perfect watch or jewellery for men and women for this holiday season.

Top 5 Jewellery and Watch Gift Ideas

Carries cultural significance

Wearing jewelleries and watches affirms a certain part of our cultural identity. For example, Navajo tribes wore turquoise jewellery as they believed it represented health, wealth, and happiness. Chinese families, on the other hand, let their babies wear jade bangles up to this day to prevent bad luck.

Spread the good vibes by giving some symbolic good luck charms. Another option is to get them a limited-edition jewellery set that depicts cultural pride or admiration. Some brands also offer watches with cultural significance.

Golden Age Collection

Infinite Collection

Inspired by Nature

The world around us has plenty of foliage, sculptures, and landscapes that inspire all artists, including jewellers. 

A wearable piece, jewellery or watch, never goes out of style much like nature. That is why creations inspired by nature’s beauty make for a splendid treasure to pass on to your loved ones.

There are also some brands that offer nature-inspired watches for men or women. You can check them out at the at the Jewellery & Watch Show Abu Dhabi.

When it comes to jewellery, pieces with natural, floral shapes are popular gift ideas as they can be matched with any kind of outfit. If your loved one is an animal lover, getting them a piece of jewellery or watch with their favourite animal will surely excite them. 

Make your gift extra memorable by giving a unique piece of jewellery that uses natural materials like a volcanic ash bracelet or a pendant made with resin.

“Ortensia” Set

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Made of Emeralds

While gold and silver remain popular, emerald is also a sought-after gemstone. Emerald carries a life-affirming green colour that comes in many shades. 

True emeralds were first mined in Egypt around 1500 BC and were considered a sacred colour associated with the fertility of the land. Only the pharaohs were allowed to wear emeralds in early times, but luckily today, anyone can have their own piece or set. 

For a friend who has an oval, square, or diamond face shape, a pair of emerald pear drop earrings would be a perfect gift. 

Emerald rings meanwhile represent peace, hope, and love, as well as new beginnings, making them ideal to give to your other half. 

Emerald bracelets and necklaces are also good gift ideas as they enhance the beauty of any wearer. Some watches come in emerald designs too, that can make someone stand out in a crowd.

Emerald Pear Drop Earrings

Ring with Emerald Heart

Made of Rose Gold

Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy. Its roots started in the 19th century in Imperial Russia, where Carl Fabergé blended yellow gold and copper, which resulted in an alluring pink material. It became popular in the 1920s, especially when Cartier featured it in its jewellery lines. Today, rose gold has become prominent in fashion and design, being featured in phones, cars, kitchen appliances, and more.

Rose gold jewellery remains popular to this day. You can add a delicate rose gold ring to a friend's collection or a pair of rose gold earrings with an enamel-accented design.

Rose gold watches for women are an excellent gift choice as their subtle colour and sophisticated appeal serve as the epitome of femininity. But it’s not exclusive to women. Because they are more muted than yellow gold, rose gold watches also fit men as they give a classic look.

18Karat Rose Gold Oubharia Essentia Collections

Exclusive Earrings

Made of Diamonds

The hardest material in the world, diamond, has always been known as an alluring gemstone. It remains popular among consumers looking for jewelleries. Even during 2020, the total value of the diamond jewellery market amounted to 68 billion (nominal) U.S. dollars worldwide.

To make your gift searching easier, going for diamond jewellery and watches is the answer. It goes without saying that giving a diamond ring to your lover is a special gesture. A pair of diamond stud earrings may be something that will fit your mother, or a diamond bangle set will be appreciated by your niece. Impress your father, brothers, or buddies with a gift of diamond watches.

Full diamond Marquise set

Diamond Solitaire and Twin Band Collections

Let the Shopping Begin!

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