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Jewellery Trends for 2024

Start the year with all the glitz and glamour as you join 2024’s jewellery trends. There is no such thing as a constant when it comes to jewellery trends, so expect a few comebacks from past generations. If you’re not satisfied with your outfits, perhaps it’s time to redo your jewellery collection. Here are some of the jewellery trends to look forward to in 2024, so you can rock that new and fresh look next year.

Top Picks for Jewellery Pieces to Wear in 2024

Ear Cuffs

2024 is cuffing season! This is the perfect alternative for those who don’t have any piercings. Ear cuffs can easily be worn by wrapping them around the cartilage and tucking them to your ears. What makes this type of jewellery popular is that it can be worn in a variety of ways and on any occasion. During Paris Fashion Week, Loewe and Zimmermann models were seen wearing ultra-luxe ear cuffs while walking along the runway.


One of the most timeless pieces of jewellery ever are pearls, and in 2024, we will be seeing more of them. Designers at the Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Week jumped on the trend early on by adorning their outfits with pearls. Models of Kimhekim and Sixdo also wore larger-than-life pearls as statement necklaces on this year’s runways. These treasures at the bottom of the sea are a favourite because they can be easily adapted to any style. Whether it’s a pearl necklace, earring, or even a headband, adding pearls to your outfit can give you instant polish and a chic look.

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Statement Rings

Stand out from the crowd by adding something interesting to your outfit—a statement ring. Oversized wings with unique shapes are believed to be super trendy in 2024. Models on the Missoni runway during fashion week were spotted wearing oversized statement rings. Rabanne models are even wearing giant toe rings to match their gladiator sandals and sculptural buckles. This 2024 trend complements the glam goth style.


Guess what’s making a comeback? The Post-Cold War Era and the Rise of Technology: the 90s! This booming generation continues to influence our choices of jewellery in 2024. Chokers will be a mainstay, with the only main difference being the materials used. During the 1990s, chokers were primarily made from plastic. But next year, we will be seeing more chokers that are made of premium materials like 14k gold. During New York Fashion Week, Beva featured textural choker-length necklaces, while Anita Ko displayed its 18k gold collar choker.


Flower jewellery is seen as the perfect accessory for 2024. An abundance of florals has been present throughout the fashion week shows in London and New York. For instance, Carolina Herrera showcased brooches made of metal flowers. Palomo Spain also features metal flowers through earrings and necklaces. Floral jewellery is expected to boom in 2024, adding a feminine touch to the overall outfit of a woman.

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