Held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence of the United Arabic Emirates.

Welcome to the world of Ferrari Firenze

All jewels from Ferrari Firenze are created in a small workshop in Tuscany.

Italy's most extraordinary talent are behind each piece, combining technical excellence and incredible craftsmanship.


This beautiful Petals collection is full of soft petals made of gorgeous and glossy, polished white and yellow gold. Like flowers catching drops of rain in their petals and reflecting the world around them, the pieces in this collection reflect the sparkling and radiant diamonds that hug along the soft curves of each delicate petal. Available in yellow and white gold.


Inspired by the iconic shapes of Italian Renaissance, this collection draws inspiration from the architectural details of Tuscan Villas. These cocktail pieces are quintessentially feminine and refined, movable and soft despite their architectural and structured appearance. Available in pastel blues, sunrise shades, green and pink.


With an exuberant armony, Soffio gives pride of place to the curved lines of dandelions, resulting in a feminine and visually graphic style. For each piece, single elements are only part of the story, making this soft and movable collection a visible expression of innumerable hours of work by talented hands. Available in two different shades: yellow sunrise and champagne twist.


The natural brilliance of diamonds and the constant delicate movement of silk meet in the maison’s Spettinato collection. Weaved, crocheted, stitched together the diamonds of this collection dazzle and hypnotize the eye staring with their movement. Available in yellow sunrise, champagne twist, sunset blues and white.

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