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EBDA'A Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a professional jewelry designer join the competition?

The competition is for non-professionals.

2. Can a non-UAE resident join the competition?

We will open a category for non-residence, at the moment the jewelry competition is for residence of UAE and Emirati.

3. Where will the program take place? In Dubai or Abu Dhabi? 

Abu dhabi (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center)

4. When will the submission start/end?

You can submit your design until April 25th 2017

5. What is the website link EBDA'A?


6. What is the Ebda’a Instagram account?


7. What is the Ebda’a Facebook account?

Ebdaa Award

8. Do you only accept hand-drawn designs or do you also accept computer generated drawings (drawn by Photoshop, Illustrator etc)?

We accept both

9. Is the drawing supposed to be A4?


10. Should the drawing also have a text (description)?


11. Should the design be real size?


12. What kind of metal do I need to use? Is it all supposed to be gold?

Precious metal only

13. Any specification for the size of stone/pearl?

Designers choice

14. Do I have to bring the hard copy designs in your office or by email?

By Email

15. Can you tell me more about the measurements of the designs?

The Jewellery piece needs to be light and wearable

16. Can I do more if  i have so many ideas for design

Yes and you participate in all categories

17. I don't draw well, i that possible to let someone else drawing for me?

It’s ok, we grade design not the quality of drawing.

18. What is the benefit in participating Ebdaa?

Winners will get the chance to actually learn how to do it professionally.

19. What are the categories?

Pear design, Glamour design, and Contemporary Emirati Design

20. Does it have to be colored?

It can be colored or without color

21. Does it have to be a set (necklace, ring, earrings) or one piece only?

Preferably a set


About the participation:

1. Is it possible to participate in more than one category?


2. If I can submit 2D drawings (drawn with Photoshop and Illustrator) or do you require the physical finished piece?

Designs is penciled or colored drawing

3. How many designs am I allowed to submit? 

You can submit more than one per category.

4. What is your advice in designing a jewelry?

Keep it plain and simple when you are sketching, without a box or base that holds any piece of jewelry piece.

Always have a concept for your design, a story to tell through your design and not just to have a beautiful design.

5. Is there any material restriction and are we supposed to use only diamonds or gold?

No restrictions for materials to use

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